Proven Power

The chart below shows the incredible results that can be achieved when using Hawaiian Floral Mist. The information is from tests done at the University of Hawaii and other studies using Hawaiian Floral Mist. This product has been proven to maintain freshness and color and increase vase life of cut flowers and greens from 30% to over 140%. Try it, and see for yourself!

Stays Fresh
Roses, Sunflowers
up to 30% longer
Bird of Paradise, Ginger
up to 50% longer
Anthuriums, Gerbera
up to 35% longer
Heliconia, Bamboo Orchid
up to 50% longer
Mums, Dracena
up to 40% longer
Carnations, Leather Leaf
up to 50% longer
Orchids, Asst. Greens
up to 50% longer